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 An appreciation for the small touches which contribute to the character of the course are carried with great style into the clubhouse.

In this traditional, elegant facility, the owners have brought together all the amenities of the finest private clubs, with an emphasis on unparalleled service.

Classic By Design

Beechtree’s handsome Pennsylvania flagstone entry opens on to a foyer of hand-made brick, setting a tone of warmth and quiet elegance to please the most discerning tastes.
At every turn, the details are a wonder. Woodwork milled from a 19th century Pennsylvania barn is planed and polished to the gleam of fine antique furniture (look for the nail holes). The massive fireplace, centerpiece of our great room, was constructed from the barn’s foundation. Lovely floor-to-ceiling windows enclose the large, sunny atrium, creating a fine, cozy setting for a meal, a meeting or both. A broad blue stone patio offers a panoramic sweep of the course and a great spot for outdoor camaraderie. Even the accent pieces invite attention. Each picture, each collectible has been hand picked and carefully framed or restored, reflecting the owners’ total commitment to quality.
  “Have dinner with people who are good putters; their confidence may rub off, and it’s certainly better than listening to bad putters complain.”
HARVEY PENICK, The Little Red Book, 1992

Like the old clubs we so admire and have emulated here, Beechtree’s charm and appeal will last for many years to come.
Toll Free 1-877-BEECHTR
811 South Stepney Road, Aberdeen, Maryland, 21001