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Lab Puppy

Last year we were introduced to the technique of using trained working dogs to reduce the nuisance of Canada Geese on our property. We have found this approach to be an environmentally safe, humane and effective alternative to get rid of geese from our golf courses.

Geoff English, owner of  Woodland Kennel, taught us how to use Labrador Retrievers to flush geese from our golf course.  This has proven to be a very safe and humane method of goose management.  The Canadian geese consider our labs to be a predator and flee the area the moment our labs step on the course.  Through presence we have been able to keep the number of mating pairs to a minimum. By flushing the Canada geese from the course regularly, our labs convince the geese to find a safer haven.

We have found that Canadian geese tire of being bothered every day and simply choose to move to another place in order to find a safer haven. Our labs have a high level of natural prey drive and this new found task gives them a wonderful outlet to exercise that drive with no harm to the geese.

In recent time, lots of goose deterrent systems have been introduced in the marketplace  in an attempt to control geese for property managers like myself.  Goose repellents, laser lights, coyote decoys,  goose repellents, sonic sound systems, etc. have been tried but they do NOT eliminate nor do they offer long term control of the Canada geese.

In fact, many of these geese deterrent systems of can only used at certain times of the day or during seasons of the year.  Trust me when I tell you, we have tried them all and NOTHING is as effective at controlling Canadian geese as working Labrador retriever puppies.  Geoff has shown us how to handle to our dogs with whistle commands and hand signals to prevent the unwanted capture or harm to the geese.  All his techniques are approved by the USDA Wildlife Services and/or the USFWS (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service).

No more health concerns about goose poop on our golf course, on our sidewalks or in our ponds!

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